Saving Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Saving heirloom tomato seeds is a bit more specialized than just removing them from the fruit. And smelly!


What an inspiring idea.

Spencer Pratt

Now that's a hat! Would you wear it?

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I need to make this now!! LOVE

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Add some extra jingle and sparkle to your backyard this year with a handmade beaded wind chime with bells.

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Plant a Mosquito-Repelling Container Garden to Protect Entertaining Spaces


Some great ideas for BBQ season!

Better Homes & Gardens

What are you creating this weekend?

Better Homes & Gardens

What do you think of this?

Pennsylvania Boy's Award-Winning App Is the Bee's Knees

Pennsylvania Boy's Award-Winning App to replace lawn with a pollinator garden irresistible to birds and bees.

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Gorgeous DIY botanical soap!

This Time-Lapse Video Of Worms Making Compost Is Awesome

Awesome! Check out when they add water at Day 13 and Day 19. Happy little worms!

Piddocks – anything but boring

Have you ever seen a perfectly round hole in a rock or shell? Here is what did it!

Dodo Impact

This warms my heart!

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I love this edible kokedama! Small Space Garden DIY Projects:

Manny The Frenchie

Where do I get these seeds?

Who here is planning to go to the path of totality or is in the path to see the eclipse? Have you seen one before? I'm a 6 hour drive away and still undecided.

weed wars: hedge bindweed and spotted spurge - A Way To Garden

What weeds do you battle in your garden?

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Tour drought tolerant landscapes and pick up some ideas for your own garden:


We can learn a lot from flowers!

Add Sparkle to the Garden With This Beautiful Beaded Wind Chime - Garden Therapy

Driftwood + beads + bells = a gorgeous handmade wind chime! Instructions here:

NTD Television Australia

Grow your own fruit rooster!

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The neighbours grapes have come to visit. Welcome! #gardentherapy

6 surprising facts about ladybugs

How ladybugs got their name and other surprising facts:

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To make perfect edible flower ice cubes takes two steps to keep the flowers from floating to the top:

A gorgeous way to display a birdhouse.

The true measure of a creative gardener is not how well they grow plants, but what they can turn into a planter -> #sponsored

Hammered Flower Print Cards

This is so easy and the prints look like watercolors!

A Patio Fruit Garden is a Sweet and Pretty Summer Treat! - Garden Therapy

Grow a perennial fruit garden that will feed you sweet berries all summer long! #sponsored

BBC Springwatch

Wow! Do you have a (smaller) bug hotel in your yard?

These wondrous sea wolves swim for miles and live off the watery wilds

In a remote stretch of rainforest, a unique population of wolves has taken to a life of the sea.

Viral Thread

Yup, my pup would be as terrified of this as he is terrified of the rain!

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Have you tried this? This fruit fly trap really works (eeew!)

P. Allen Smith

Have you tried a pepper spray like this? I'm curious if it works.

Garden Naturally Group

The Dowager Countess gets it!

Heat Tolerant Plants that Resist the Sun and Heat

Heat Tolerant Plants that Resist the Sun and Heat

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These step-by-step instructions make it easy to paint watercolor succulents. Oh, and there is a template to get you started!

World Economic Forum

Go green!

Better Homes & Gardens

How to plant a succulent table top garden.

BBC Springwatch


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Thrifty Gardening: How to Divide Succulents:

Two Women and a Hoe™

Ha! Have you seen any butterflies in your yard this weekend?

Farmer Plants Thousands Of Oak Trees To Honor Late Wife. 17 Yrs Later, Aerial Photo Finds Secret

Lovely. Right in the middle, he left a heart-shaped hole where he could sit and remember her

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Tips for Arranging Home-Grown Flowers:

Color Made Happy

This looks like a fun Saturday craft project.