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Organic lawns are better for everyone, including Meatball.

Keep your lawn safe for your family, yourself, and your furry friends with the Essential Organic Lawn Care Guide: https://gardentherapy.ca/the-essential-organic-lawn-care-guide/

The Wonderful Story of How Japanese Maples are Born - Garden Therapy

I learned some fascinating things about Japanese maples from my friends at Monrovia. #sponsored #gardentherapy

P. Allen Smith

Have you tried the kokedama trend yet?

32 Terracotta Pot Hacks to Liven Up Your Home and Garden - Garden Therapy

There's a lot you can do with a flowerpot!

Fine Gardening


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Rosemary has a long history as a symbol of romantic love. In 1540, Anne of Cleves wore a crown of rosemary in her hair when she married Henry VIII, sparking a popular trend for brides to include the herb in their wedding garb.

Read more about the fascinating history of herbs: https://gardentherapy.ca/herbal-histories/

Edible Wildflowers: Grow it! Eat it! - Garden Therapy

Learn how to forage for wildflowers that you can eat.

Breathing for Peace

That's a pretty far drop!

How to Grow Healthy Sunflower Microgreens in 2 Weeks - Garden Therapy

Sunflower microgreens have a delicious, nutty flavor and are chock full of nutrients. Bonus: they take just two weeks to grow!

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Aren't these Windcliff Double Pink hellebores gorgeous?

They are one of my 5 favorite hellebore varieties. See the other 4: https://gardentherapy.ca/march-feature-plant-hellebore/

CBC Arts

These are lovely.

Only In Canada

This is how we do it in Canada!

The Essential Organic Lawn Care Guide

Keep your lawn lush, happy, and organic.

Vintage Teacup Planters: a Great Fundraising Tool - Garden Therapy

Need a fundraising idea? This is sure to be a hit!

Stripes of wildflowers across farm fields could cut pesticide spraying

More wildflowers and less pesticides sure sounds like a good idea to me.


That time when I got to see how Japanese maples were "born" at the Monrovia Nursery in Oregon. It was fascinating! Check out the article as I took a few videos of the propagation, grafting, and pruning process that goes on behind the curtain.

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Chamomile contains apigenin, a compound that releases a mild sedative and works to calm the nerves. It makes a delicious before-bed tea that will send you off into dreamland.

Chamomile is one of several herbs that can help you sleep better. See the others in this post: https://gardentherapy.ca/herbs-for-sleep/



I've been sick the last few days with a cold and cough. I know how well I respond to herbal treatment, but it still shocks me how herbs can make such a huge difference. I skipped the medication and opted for herbal tea, diffusing a blend of tea tree and thyme, and a sage and licorice cough syrup. It has made me feel so much better! Herbs for the win!

Edible Wildflowers: Grow it! Eat it! - Garden Therapy

There are lots of wildflowers that are safe (and delicious) to eat.

100 Masters

It's about what you feel!

Prevent and Get Rid of Annoying Fungus Gnats, Naturally - Garden Therapy

You know those tiny little flies that appear in a cloud every time you water your houseplants? Here is what to do about them.

NowThis Food

Paper cups are collected in our residential recycling here in Vancouver, but even so many people still throw them away. 2.6 million cups get thrown away in my city alone each week! Please get a reusable cup, friends!

How to Do a Soil pH Test at Home

Do you know your garden's pH level? It's easy to find out.


How to hang a pot.

Mason Jar Sprouts: Mung Beans and Green Peas - Garden Therapy

Add a nutrient boost to your meals with homegrown sprouts.

Sprawling Maya cities uncovered by lasers

The archaeologists were struck by the "incredible defensive features", which included walls, fortresses and moats.

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One of my favorite ways to display air plants is inside seashells. The long, reaching leaves look like tentacles, making the whole thing resemble some kind of mythical creature of the deep.

See my other seashell/air plant creations: https://gardentherapy.ca/air-plants-seashells/


Very pretty.

Jar-to-Table Gardening: Grow Your Own Spicy, Sweet, and Crispy Sprouts - Garden Therapy

Grow your own multivitamins! This shows you how to grow three different sprout blends right on your countertop.

The Magpie Whisperer

A water park for magpies!

I <3 these NRG tools! Ergonomically designed curved handles specifically intended to make gripping the tool easier on those with carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis. Here are a TON of accessible tools to get you back to the garden: https://gardentherapy.ca/accessible-tools/ #Sponsored

Plant Spring Bulbs for an Outstanding Summer Display - Garden Therapy

What are you planting this spring?

Humankind Stories


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You may have noticed how much I love air plants - they are so versatile and can be displayed pretty much anywhere because they don't need soil, so they are one of my top picks for terrariums.

For my other favorite terrarium plants, see this post: https://gardentherapy.ca/plants-for-terrariums/

Garden Therapy Seed Collection Kit #2 Unboxing

Hooray! Today we are launching the next edition of the Garden Therapy Seed Collection DIY Kits! Watch me open the box and reveal all that is included in this kit right from my kitchen (PS: that's a hint!).

Here are the kits on the shop: https://gardentherapy.ca/product-category/kits/

Adam Savage

The beautiful world of caterpillars.

Rest Easy with these Herbs for Sleep - Garden Therapy

Adding herbs to your bedtime routine can help you sleep better.


Do you have a garden helper like this?

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What are you giving to your Valentine today?

See how I made this Succulent sweetheart container out of a tin from Valentine's chocolates: https://gardentherapy.ca/sweet-succulent-valentine/

Mother Natured

My kind of confetti!

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Planting chives in the garden deters aphids and spider mites, plus they make a yummy addition to a spring salad.

Read about more plants that discourage pests: https://gardentherapy.ca/deter-pests-naturally/

Are You Serious?

Have you ever seen a white peacock?

Fascinating Herbal Histories from Around the World - Garden Therapy

People have been using herbs in different ways for thousands of years. Here is a brief history of some common culinary herbs.


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